The Original Cover Release for BF3, printed on most copies.



And welcome to the Battlefield 3 Review. Over time, Battlefield might've sold less copies on all consoles combined than MW3 did on Xbox 360, but It's a PC conversion, and I must say, well done E.A.!

Overall Views:Edit

Overall, BF3 is an amazing strategy game but it is weakened by the fact that DICE is a veteran PC gaming company and so, this kinda ruins some stuff. The Console version is not as sexy as the real version but it is still amazing.

However, If there's one thing I must say is that BF3 is Objective-Based, with vehicles to give a twist, like Call of Duty but actually real. There are a huge array of weapons, gadgets and "kits" to pick and create which can be also customized in game.

However, the thing that makes BF3 the ZOMG game it is is the graphics and replayability. The vehicles contribute much to the latter as each map has it's own set of vehicles, missile points and destroyable environments/buildings. The Aerial threat means that you are never clear of the possibility of a Strafing run on your position, or an enemy jet gunning down your own eyes in the sky.

Imagine the feeling as you're piloting your own craft, not some idiotic "Osprey Gunner". Your 14 Rockets and Gunman with heavy rounds rip apart a tank, which explodes and kills two guys nearby. Your Gunner then notices two heatseekers on you and he deploys his flares. You praise him and say "Good Job!" as he mows down a small coloumn of IFV's and Infantry.

This is what makes a game truly awesome.

However, the Singleplayer leaves much to be desired but at least the Co-Op has benefits when it comes to online play as it unlocks various assault rifles and other stuff.


Singleplayer: 9/10 as it is a nice story, though Iraq/Iran and American forces there fighting a war against terrorism is WAAY old for gaming but it isin't dull at all.

Co-Op: 9/10 as it is fun and can help your online state.

Multiplayer: 10/10 as it is extremely replayable and very objective based, with a tactical twist and a side serving of death from above included.

Total: 10/10: A brilliant multiplayer game with a short but brilliant&nbsp thumb|left|500px|Aerial Combat on the PC, though is repeated through all platforms.

thumb|500px|left|The Ground side of BF3.

This has been GratuitousWikiGuy, Reviewing the best games of today!

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