That stupid fat hamster!!!!!!

First off I would like to say...... barf. That's all this game is. And a good sized pile of the stuff. Who cares how far or how fast a stupid and fat hamster can run on the horrible graphics you give him! Nobody at all cares. Let me explain a couple of basics about this game. First of all... you will be happy to know that you get to control a fat hamster. Isn't that wonderful? You even get to choose how fast he runs. The object of this "crazy" game is to build things along a "dangerous" path so that the said hamster won't die. (We wouldn't want that to happen would we know?) So you use your DSi stylus and figure out wich things you should put down first. Put the wrong thing down and your stupid hamster has a weird death. He screams and the screen fades to black. I wonder what happens behind that screen of black.

My first real complaint is the music. Music in a game can either help you focus and stay happy or destroy your concentration and make you totally mad. Well............take choice number 2 and multiply it by 403 and you get your common background music for good ole Crazy Hamster. It's barely even a song to begin with. It just repeats itself over and over and over again. It deosn't even change to a different song when you reach a new world. HOW TERRIBLE CAN IT GET!!!

My second hatred of this game is the graphics. They do not fit together. They don't slide right into each other. They aren't even remotely 3D. I mean come on! What kind of game these days is completely 2D? Really!! Can you name one? I sure can't. So that would add my anger up on any game at all. (I LOVE YOU 3D REVOLUTION)

I'm sure I could go on and on with the terrible factors of this game, but I really mustn't. Oh and if you were looking for some good traits.....tee hee.... I haven't been able to find any. Just not possible. The end.

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