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Hello everyone, and welcome to the wiki! For those of you who love video games and the art that they are, this is meant to be a haven for you to tell people about which games you love and why.

This will also give a voice to those of you that aren't signed up to major reviewing sites, or who don't have the resources to make review videos. Anyone anywhere can contribute to this wiki and you are all encouraged to.

There is absolutely no limit to the games you can review. They can be on the PC, on the Virtual Console, on gaming consoles, or even on an emulator if you wish. The point of this one is to give your opinions, so enjoy it and game on!

What is Game Reviews Wiki all about?

This is kind of well covered in the above section, but I'll try to go into intimate detail.

Being a big fan of game reviewers like the Wiiviewer (I'm an Admin on that wiki too), I wanted to give voice to my own opinions. However, unlike him, I lacked the resources to start a chain of video reviews, so I thought it would be a good idea with my knowledge of wikis to start one specifically designed for people to review any game at all that they wanted to. I think every opinion about every game counts, which is why everyone is allowed to contribute.

My goal is to make sure every review on here is nice and detailed, and to get as many of them on there as possible. I'd like to have good reviews make people consider buying (or renting) the games, and I want bad reviews to make those people look into the games for themselves. Most importantly, if someone wants to buy a new game (maybe even their first one), I want this to be the resource where that someone will go to hear the words of experienced gamers, and be able to finalize their decision to go further into the wonderful world of video games.

What we need next...

This will simply be a small, ever-changing list of reviews we feel should be added to the wiki at some point. Remember, not everybody owns these games, but they'll still need to be reviews, so if you have a game on the list and there's no existing page for it, we ask you write up a page for it!

1.Shaq Fu

2.Charlies angels

3.Big Rigs Over the Road Racing

4.E.T. On the Atari 2600

5.Bubsy 3D

6.Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis

7.Ride to Hell: Retribution

8.Life of Black Tiger

This list will continually change and expand, but if you like what you see on the wiki and you have any of these games, feel free to write a review of it!


I thought that since the wiki is constantly changing around, and we're always getting some new ideas, it would be a good idea to put down announcements (that aren't for changes made by Wikia) detailing new modifications to the wiki. So, I'll be putting down announcements starting now.

04/12/12: I've done 50 reviews!

I know, I know, this isn't vital to the wiki or anything, but as someone who's been gaming since he was just past toddling, it's a big deal for me to be able to give my opinions on the games I play. As such, I'm psyched like you wouldn't believe to have done 50 reviews. Congratulate me!

Anyway, In case you're wondering what my 50th review is, it's the wiki's first review for Super Smash Bros. Brawl! Check it out!

04/12/12: Battle Pages are currently pending.

For a while now I've been thinking about how to do roughly the same things that video reviewers do, and one of my favorite video types is one done by my game reviewing hero, the Wiiviewer, called a Battle Video. As such, I thought that a cool thing to do might be writing pages devoted to pitting two games against each other in random categories, and seeing which one comes out on top.

I'm not sure when I'll get around to doing the first battle page, but here's how mine will work (there will be no set way of doing them, you can make up your own way if you wish): although the generally accepted method is picking about 5 categories at random, I don't find that enough, so what I'm going to do is decide on categories as I go along, and ensure that there's an odd number of them each time, so that there will be no ties. That's how mine will go.

As for the first one I (Element Knight 375, in case you didn't already know) will be doing, it will probably be two classic games, like Kirby's Adventure and The Legend of Zelda. However, for a big investment, one I plan to do at some point is Super Mario Galaxy VS. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, two of the best-looking and grand games I have. Still, we'll see, and I hope you all participate in the Battle Page series!

04/14/12: We've topped 100 PAGES!

That's right, The Game Reviews Wiki has reached the point of over 100 reviews in total! Although it's too bad that I got tricked into thinking we were over 100 when I did my Twilight Princess review. That's somewhat depressing.

I want to thank all of you who have contributed so far, and do sincerely hope that we can set more personal records in the future. Way to go!

04/21/12: The first Battle Page has been written!

Although I'm calling it a VS. Battle from an official standpoint.

Anyway. we have now branched out by including games-against-games as part of our function! Everyone is encouraged to write VS. Battles of their own, any way you like, but all I request is that you put VS. Battle at the beginning of the title, and add the category of the same name. The method is up to you!

04/26/12: I have decided to release a review guide at some point.

It seems to me that logically, a big reason why people might be reluctant to write reviews on any site is because they don't know where to start, or what it might be proper to do. As the person here who's done the most reviews (and I think they're pretty good, but whatever...) I thought that a good way to make people feel more eager to join in with the wiki would be to released my own personal guide to writing reviews. Still, I'm not sure when I'll get around to it; it will probably be sometime on a weekend, hopefully soon.

06/07/12: My review guide has been posted!

Wow, it's almost been two months since I announced something. Look at this thang. This here's prog-a-ress.

Anyway, for all those of you who are interested in the basics of game reviewing (or at least my game reviewing), check out my user blog for my four main points of the process! Here it is. Take a read. Learn things if you wish. I especially recommend this for newer users, and I hope it helps for everyone!

07/09/12: We've begun posting Top 5 and 10 lists!

Gotta say, it's been a long time in coming, but we're now allowing Top 5 and Top 10 lists! Actually, it's not limited to 5's and 10's at all. You can do anything you like; Top 6, Top 15, even Top 20. The point is, they're now in practice, and you're all welcome! My only request is that you just say at the beginning of your lists that you're the one who wrote them. Otherwise, you're free to do anything you like, and can make a list about anything!

Favorite Videos!

As founder of the wiki, I'm always trying to promote a sense of community among the users. Seeing as how I'm also a huge video lover, I thought it might be a great project to open up a video hub on thee homepage where users and visitors can post links to their favorite videos to share with others! All I ask is that the videos added are all "appropriate," (nothing blasphemous) or otherwise they'll be removed. Thanks!

  • The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary CD - I have Skyward Sword, but only ever listened to the bonus disc once, and even then, I never truly appreciated it. This is why I watched the videos featuring the tracks from the CD, to see if they were any better now that I had greater knowledge of the universe. I'm happy to say that I now understand just how good they are, and would like to share them for those of you who don't have Skyward Sword yet.
  • Mario Party 9: Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing - I know that the significance of this video pales in comparison to the one I just did, but I just think that this one is really amusing. Plus, the chances of this actually happening are likely really astronomical, so that's all the more reason why I think it's cool to watch.

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Wiiviewer Video Reviews

I'm sure you've seen me say multiple times that The Game Reviews Wiki would be nothing without the Wiiviewer. I found the reviews, LPs, Battle Videos, and all else done by him and his sons to be so interesting, charming, and plain hilarious that I wanted to follow in his footsteps. The Wiiviewer, Lilwiiviewer, and Littlestwiiviewer are still churning out videos, and I keep watching them myself, so I hope you do too!

As I said before, the trio does LPs, Reviews, Battle Videos, and Live Chats in no particular order. They try to get out roughly 2 videos per week, so if you find yourselves interested, be sure to keep checking the channel for new posts! You will absolutely love their work, and you can see where The Game Reviews Wiki has its roots! shit

So, if you have epic ideas for a story, or love reading and wikis equally and want to take in the creativity of others, be sure to check out this wondrous wiki!

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