The box art for Kirby's Epic Yarn.


Kirby's epic appearance from the game.


This is what I call the Kirby mobile.


A sample of Kirby's transformations.

Kirby's Epic Yarn was one of those badly times games on the market. Why in the world would you release this game at the exact same time as Super Mario Galaxy 2? It doesn't make any sense. You will get overshadowed. The game is great in iteself, but if you think about it.... everyone was talking about Super Mario Galaxy 2...not Kirby's Epic Yarn. The very first good thing you'll notice about the game is the personality of it. No other game in the history of gaming has ever done what this game has done. First of all you took a pink fluffy puffball and put him in a game. Then you made an awsome story line. (Falling into someones sock.) Finally, you created a whole worlds from scratch that is completely made from yard. No buts about it. It is amazing. If you thought SMG2 had great graphics then you were certainly only looking at SMG2. I'm not saying that Kirby's Epic Yarn's graphics were better, but I am saying that they were just as good on a different level of contrast. The second thing I know you are sure to love is the newer abilities that Kirby has obtained. He can grab things from far away and change into different usable items. (See picture 4.) This could be used in alot of ways and it often is. Lastly I want to say that this game was for Wii. I think if this game had been for any other platform but Wii..... it would have stunk.