Madden 02

The box art for playstation, but the game was also for N64.

I'm not a big sports guy. I don't play alot of sports games. I can get bored watching the Super Bowl. Sports has never been much of a big deal to me. I have to say, this is a great Madden game. I can't recall any of the actual players, but this game is jam-packed with good players. The gameplay in this game is great too. My brother and I can play this game at ease. At a few pushes of a butten you can have the football flying and already have another guy moving to catch it and run. It makes alot of sense to someone who doesn't know the rules of football. If you had no clue how to play football all you would have to do is play about 3 games of football on Madden 2002 and you could win every time. The next great thing about this game is the custom stuff. You don't actually get to custumize a team, but you can choose from almost every team in the U.S. And they are full of players that I'm sure some football fan knows the name of. Lastly, this game is a classic. I know there have been alot of games for the Madden football series, but this one was the last time anyone really payed attention to the N64. 2002 was the last year that the N64 was in production. Madden 2002 was basically the last game made for it in America. I think that would be something wonderful to hold in your hands and play. I have loved it and I'm you will to.