What may seem like a simple metronome came out as a really fascinating little passtime/toy/tool. This thing has the full package compared to other tool-like DSi Ware games. First of all, if you are a musician like me, then this tool is a must have. Most of them that you see on the Internet are about thirty dollars, but when it comes down to it, this version was more like 5 dollars, and was way better than the 30 dollar possibility. If it weren't for Nintendo, I couldn't have afforded a metronome, but now I've got one and it's all I could ever dream of.

Second of all, it also comes with a little addicting game to play. It looks and sounds just like the first Donkey Kong game (WOO HOO Donkey Kong!!!) with Mario going up the girders. (Ya know what I'm talking about? Course you do.) But instead of playing the game like you normally would, you have to clap your hands or make a loud noise to the beat. Each clap you do makes Mario jump, and if you don't clap on time, then a barrel will run into him. The farther up the ladders you get, the harder and faster the music goes, and eventually you are clapping your hands like some kind of deranged cow (or something). Then you are able to get to the girl and win. They also show you a time map of how many times you were perfectly on beat during the game. The more you were on beat, the better your score. (My personal high score is about 46000).

Another great thing about the metronome tool is the fact that instead of using the default sounds on the metronome, you make your own sounds and put them to time on the metronome. Not only that, but there are three different backgrounds that you can set on the metronome. If you know what a Game and Watch is, then you'll recognize one of the backgrounds as the game called, "Ball." The other one is a digital-looking background and the first one is just wooden.

The metronome is capable of lots of different time signatures and up to 160 beat time. And the absolutely best thing about the whole deal is that it only costs 200 points on the DSi Ware shop! How great is that?!?

So in the end, it all depends on whether or not you like simple things and you are a musician. I still enjoy it, but hey..... I'm Gibie.

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