We have all bought one of those movie games. A game that most likely came out a week before the movie even thought premiering. Sometimes they are worth it, and will add flare to the characters. Even change the plot to add excitement. Otherwise, they just make you look at the movie again if you think about it. It's like ripping it off without actually ripping anyone else off. In this case, the only thing good about the game is the plot change. There is hardly any flare in the characters. The plot is totally different from the movie. If you didn't know it was a plot change then you would think it was for a newer movie. All the characters are exactly the same as the movie. And now that I think about it they are worse than the characters from the movie. The graphics in the game look like they were from a Game Boy handheld or something. The game was playable, but you hardly wanted to go to the trouble. Here is something that will hurt a lot of gamers: this game was no challenge at all. I beat this game in 3 days. I could have done it in one day if I played for 6 hours striaght. Overall..... I hope you save your money for something good.

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