Ahhhhh... One of the most contriversial games on the market. Some people think this game is a waste of time while other think it is the best arcade game to ever come into existince. I think it is a great game, but I also think you could easily take this game too far. (There was a guy who spent 12 hours on it without eating, drinking, or useing the bathroom.) Some of the national champions spent hours on end trying to get highscores and get to the splitscreen. One reason you would want to play this game is the gameplay. It looks like a simple maze game, but once you begin to play it becomes more. It becomes a complete strategy game. You can sit around and learn the paths of the ghosts. You can sit around and see how many levels you can get through. You can sit around and try to beat highscores, but you will always come down to the fact that it is all a big strategy game. One reason I happen to not like the game is the fact that there is no multiplayer except when found in an arcade. Even then it is not the kind of multiplayer you would expect. You just can't connect that way. The mulitplayer doesn't flow. It makes it more of a competition than a freindly game. Sorry Namco. I do have one more reason to like this game. It's addictive. Once you start playing this game you can get hooked. No matter how hard you try you always tell yourself that it will be one more level before you quit. By the end of the day your body says, I gotta pee, and the game is over, but it is very addictive.

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