Hi All. Lately I've Been Reviewing a Lot of Games That I Like, But This Time Let's Try Something Different.


I Was Interested By This Game From Blaze the Cat on the Back Cover. And I LOVE Blaze the Cat Majorly Because Of Her Tomboyishness And Handling of Pyrokinesis. I Almost Immediately Bought it. Too Bad I Didn't Know Then That I'D HATE IT. I'm Just Not Good at the 2D Sonic Games... I Guess it's Because I Grew Up With the Classic Sonic Series. I'm Stuck on the Level Which IGN Says "If You Complete *Insert Name of Stage Here That I Forgot the Name of*, You Will Unlock Blaze." This Annoys Me Even MORE Because I Can NEVER, AND I MEAN NEVER, GET BLAZE IN DIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!! SEGA WHY YOU MAKE GETTING BLAZE HARD??!!!!!

Overall... 5/10. Stuff I Really Like About This Game, Is That it Has Blaze as a Playable Character (IF YOU'RE GOOD AT THIS GAME), some catchy sondtracks, And The First Boss is BADASS!!

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