The American box art for Starfox 64.


The title screen in the game.


Gameplay screenshot in Corneria City.

For as long as I can remember.... I have had Star Fox 64. If I remember correctly... it was the second game I ever played. The first one I ever beat. Probably spent half of my 1st through 3rd grade life on that game. So the point is, I owe it a lot.

My favorite thing about the game is the flowing movement; this allows you to do a little bit of control and mostly worry about shooting the alien thingies. The only time you really have to worry about movement is when you're in a boss battle. That isn't too much to handle for anyone if you ask me, though.

Another thing I like about the game is the diversity of enemies. I love Goombas, but come on, Mario poeple. Come on. Can't you think of anything else? That's why I like Star Fox 64. You never run out of new enemies or surprises. Around every corner is something new to figure out how to shoot and where. I personally like a level where you have to shoot a wall until it turns red. When it turns red it will open up, but if you don't shoot it enough you will run striaght into it. If you make it through all the walls (which I've only accomplished once) you will go into a warp. Another thing I love about this game is the boss battles themselves. In other games I don't really like boss battles and would rather play the other levels, but this game makes the boss battles emersive and makes you feel as if you are inside the game. When it comes to game.... I am happy when you are inside them.

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