The American Box Art cover for Super Mario World

Super Mario World is one of the better SNES game there were. There were the wonderful NES games and then there were wannabe SNES games. Most of the time the just didn't fit the bill (In my opinion) of what we were looking for. The greatest exception would have to Super Mario World. The great debut of Yoshi the dinosaur. The world was anticipating the arrival of this game (or so I've heard) for months. Nobody could stop thinking about it. The world was on the edge of it's seat. And then it happened. The next best thing to Metroid at the time. Gamers eyes filled with tears of joy that afternoon as they traveled across the mushroom kingdom on the back of a Japanese lizard. Wearing a red cap.Beating up Chargin' Chuck. It was heaven. The only way I know these things is from a few hours of research and a wonderful emulator called VirtualNES. But I can tell you even without the SNES controller that this game is amazing. Nintendo pulled of yet another one of their graphics updates. They took what we knew from Super Mario Bros. 3 and made something with alot more colorful flare. All you have to do is play those 2 game one after the other and you can tell how Super Mario World is so much brighter and full of life. Second in the lineup of awesome things is Yoshi. The world was practically about to explode if they didn't get to see Yoshi soon. Yoshi had the complete package for us. He could walk, talk, and you could change his diaper. (OK maybe not that last thing) but he could do everthing that Mario couldn't and more. You could never get tired of Yoshi. Lastly, and most amazingly...... Mario had a cape. I may be a childish little kid, but there is only one way to make your favorite plumber better and that is to give him a big yellow cape to slap people with. (I'm so glad they used it in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.) If I had a cape like that, I might be crazy enough to ride a dinosaur and jump on mushrooms and battle giant turtles, but I don't... Mario does and all the better to him my freind. As you can see. I get hyped up on game. WOO HOO WOO HOO WOO HOO WOO HOOWOHOWHOHWOHWOWHOW......sorry. But anyway. If you ever buy a SNES. Buy this game with it. You'll be as happy as a dog who works at a butcher shop. Trust me. (If you dare.) The first time I played it it made me so happy that I almost cried when I heard the awesome music that accompanied it. Every gamer has a game, and this one should be yours. WOO HOO.


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