This is a page for the new forum we are starting here on the wiki. This will be the home of the page unless moved at a later date. Let's begin. I'm Gibie Dude. Most people around the wikis just call me Gibie. Nothing else. I'll just help start the forum off and you guys can go from there. All you have to do to talk, add suggestions, speak your mind, or give your opinion is to push the button at the top of the screen that "edit." Then you go to where you want to add the things mentioned above and type. Tada! Let's go.

In your opinion is Donkey Kong 64 a revolution or a Nintendo fail?

  • Personally it was a big bad Nintendo fail. I think alot of people played it, but not enough people liked it. It was OK the first few times, but when it got down to it.... it is a really bad game. 02:47, July 23, 2012 (UTC)Gibie Dude

Do you like big storylines or lots of action?

Are you a hardcore gamer, a part-time gamer, or just like looking at games?

Does Luigi deserve his own game other than Luigi's Mansion?

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