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Hey everyone! After being away for so long now, I thought it would be a cool idea to do a Top 10 list on what I've been most interested in lately. These days, I've been listening to a lot of music, and I've been most into music from the best and worst Sonic the Hedgehog games. There's something I find really uplifting and exciting about the fast-paced beats and sweet lyrics that makes me look to them for an attitude change for the better.

With all the many great songs there are across the titles, however, I found myself wondering which ones were my real favorites and what places each of my runner-ups held. Which brings us to this Top 10 list; I'm going to give you my rankings of my favorite songs from the Sonic series from least to most favorite, and I'm also going to give you a taste of each as I go along!

So without further ado, here are, you know, the songs.

#10 Stardust Speedway (Bad Future JP Remix)Edit

The main reason I like this song is simply because it reminds me of the Sonic Generations boss battle with Metal Sonic, which was easily one of the coolest in the game. Metal Sonic is the perfect villain to go up against Sonic, but this song reminds you that the reason Metal Sonic never wins is because he doesn't have the kind of soul that the real Sonic does, and he can therefore never come out on top. Plus, it means he'll always get served with an epic kick in the end!

Sonic Generations Speedruns Vs02:10

Sonic Generations Speedruns Vs. Metal Sonic

This is a speedrun of the Bad Future Stardust Speedway from Sonic Generations that has my favorite version of this song.

Sonic Generations "vs02:50

Sonic Generations "vs. Metal Sonic (Stardust Speedway Bad Future) JP Generations Mix " Music

This is simply the OST of Stardust Speedway from Sonic Generations. Dat piano solo!

#9: Sky Sanctuary ZoneEdit

As many of you know, I'm a big fan of anything sky-related. But this The whole feel of it is just so very inspiring. Kind of renews the feeling that there's definite hope for humanity and all that. Not only that, but it's just so darn catchy! It's exactly the kind of tune you could whistle as you're working even at the dullest job to make you feel better. That combines with its fantastic element of mystery makes it one of the most intriguing songs in Sonic history.

Sonic & Knuckles Music Sky Sanctuary02:42

Sonic & Knuckles Music Sky Sanctuary

The original Sky Sanctuary Zone, from Sonic & Knuckles.

Sonic Generations Sky Sanctuary Zone (Classic)04:35

Sonic Generations Sky Sanctuary Zone (Classic)

The Sky Sanctuary Classic Remix from Sonic Generations!

Sonic Generations OST Sky Sanctuary - Modern04:33

Sonic Generations OST Sky Sanctuary - Modern

The more rhythmic modern remix of Sky Sanctuary, also from Sonic Generations (with dat epic bass guitar).

#8: Tropical Resort

The first time I actually played a level of Sonic Colors, which to this day remains one of my favorite Sonic games by far, I was greeted with this theme.  At first I was a little bit thrown off because I was just tossed into the action of the first level, but once I got the controls down, I began to feel comfortable, and it was only made better by how confident this song made me feel.  Something about this song just attracts me more than any of the other fantastic songs in the game; I think it really just makes me think of the uniqueness of the whole game, which is the reason I love it so much, and makes me go with the flow.  Basically, in my book, a vote for this amazing song is a vote for Sonic Colorsitself, which is why it easily places on my list.

Sonic Colors "Tropical Resort Act 1" Music04:23

Sonic Colors "Tropical Resort Act 1" Music

This is the Tropical Resort Act 1 variation, my personal favorite.

Sonic Colors "Tropical Resort Act 2" Music04:11

Sonic Colors "Tropical Resort Act 2" Music

This is the Act 2 variation, a slightly different version of the song.

Sonic Colors "Tropical Resort Act 3" Music02:43

Sonic Colors "Tropical Resort Act 3" Music

The Act 3 version of Tropical Resort, a noticeably quicker and more hip-hop version.

Sonic Generations 3DS - Tropical Resort Zone (Modern)03:25

Sonic Generations 3DS - Tropical Resort Zone (Modern)

This is the Generations 3DS Modern version of Tropical Resort, a noticeably more rock-and-roll variation.

#7: Invincibility Power-up

I first noticed this when I heard Jirard, the Completionist, talk about the Sonic invincibility theme and how it made you feel like nothing could stop you, and you were just on an infinite winning streak. I personally think that that's what this song was designed for! After hearing this song, I immediately get the conviction that being invincible in Sonic 2 is way cooler than being invincible in any Super Mario game. All because of this epic theme.

Sonic 2 Music Invincible00:54

Sonic 2 Music Invincible

The original invincibility theme from Sonic 2!

Sonic 2 Title Screen00:11

Sonic 2 Title Screen

This is actually the title screen theme of Sonic 2, which is just a slower, shorter version of the invincibility (fun fact time).

#6: Crisis CityEdit

Alright first off, I want to start off by saying Sonic '06 was an OK idea, but it was just done so poorly and it got to the point where it was not only not worth playing, but not worth even trying to play.

But Crisis City is just so epic as a level in and of itself; not in terms of gameplay, but in terms of simple, sheer amazement. Despite the fact that you feel a definite sense of dread as the city is falling apart, you feel exhilaration as well with those insane violins in the background and the flying from gap to gap while windows are exploding behind you. The music for the game is what really lends it any credit at all, because it captures the moment flawlessly.

Sonic generations crisis city theme (MODERN)04:09

Sonic generations crisis city theme (MODERN)

My favorite Crisis City theme, the modern mix from Sonic Generations.

Sonic the hedgehog (2006) Crisis City Theme06:51

Sonic the hedgehog (2006) Crisis City Theme

And for the lovers of authenticity, here's the original theme from Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, as well.

#5: City EscapeEdit

Anyone who has two bits' worth of deep knowledge about the Sonic universe knows that at its heart, it's really about freedom; the freedom to do what you want, to not answer to anyone who doesn't deserve it, and the freedom to live in the moment. This is exactly what City Escape symbolizes. It shows a lot about Sonic in the way that it proves no one can tell him what to do, no one can control him, and no one can keep up with him. Not only that, but it also demonstrates his intense willpower and his resolve to stop evil as soon as he finds it. Overall, this song is a great definition of the series as a whole, and is the one that represents the golden age of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic Adventure 2 Music- City Escape02:19

Sonic Adventure 2 Music- City Escape

The original (and best, if you ask me) mix of the song from Sonic Adventure 2!

Sonic Generations "City Escape Modern " Music03:59

Sonic Generations "City Escape Modern " Music

This is the modern mix from Sonic Generations, the one closest to the original, which I think is a very good spin on the song.

Sonic Generations "City Escape Classic Remix " Music02:40

Sonic Generations "City Escape Classic Remix " Music

This is the classic remix of City Escape; it's very different, but man, it is fresh as heck.

#4: Live and LearnEdit

I must say, as far as songs from the Sonic series go, this one is probably the most epic. Sonic Adventure 2 is probably the most beloved Sonic game of all time, and that's due in a great part, at least for many people, to this song. This is historically known as the song that plays when Sonic means serious business, and is about to totally own the bad guys...Supersonic style. Seriously, this is the coolest song to listen to, especially if you're feeling a bit tired, because you will just start rocking out to this intense tune and feeling great. I can honestly say that Live and Crush 40's best work by a landslide.

Sonic Adventure 2 "Live and Learn" Music Request04:29

Sonic Adventure 2 "Live and Learn" Music Request

The original Live and Learn, straight from Sonic Adventure 2, which is the pattern for all other mixes.

#3: Rooftop RunEdit

I know, I know. Why is a non-lyrical song from the Sonic series up at number three? Well, there is something about this song I just can't get enough of. It makes me feel like I'm outside enjoying life no matter where I am (in fact, the original makes me feel like I'm playing tennis because it really has that Top Spin vibe to it). And the Generations I've said this more than once in my time, but I think that they're the themes that will play on the best day of my life. They're so uplifting and invigorating; they alone can make an average day great. If you ask me, that deserves the number three spot at least.

Sonic Unleashed "Spagonia Rooftop Run Day" Music03:51

Sonic Unleashed "Spagonia Rooftop Run Day" Music

The original mix from Sonic Unleashed (with those epic electric guitars)!

Sonic Generations Rooftop Run "Spagonia" Modern Extended15:43

Sonic Generations Rooftop Run "Spagonia" Modern Extended

The modern Rooftop Run mix from Sonic Generations (this is the "best day of your life" one).

Sonic Generations "Rooftop Run Classic " Music05:06

Sonic Generations "Rooftop Run Classic " Music

This is the classic Generations mix, which I just think is too catchy for its own good.

Sonic Generations (PS3) Rooftop Run - Modern - S-Rank02:42

Sonic Generations (PS3) Rooftop Run - Modern - S-Rank

I decided to add some gameplay videos, because rooftop run is best heard in the heat of action. This is first of two.

Sonic Unleashed Rooftop Run (Act 1) - S-Rank04:39

Sonic Unleashed Rooftop Run (Act 1) - S-Rank

And this is my personal favorite, the second of the two gameplay videos, the original from Sonic Unleashed.

#2: Reach for the StarsEdit

Aside from its obvious catchiness, there's a specific reason why I love this song so much; it's a perfect song to be the theme for Sonic Colors, because Colors is famously the game that brought the Sonic series back from the bottom that it was plunged into by Sonic '06 and Sonic Unleashed. It even tells the essential story: Sonic Team knew it was run aground, and acknowledged what it had done; so they decided to stop with the gimmicks, return to the basic pattern, and not give up on the series. In my eyes at least, Reach for the Stars is an uplifting tune that signifies the rebirth of the Sonic series. May it live forever.

Sonic Colors "Reach for the Stars" Full Main Theme04:06

Sonic Colors "Reach for the Stars" Full Main Theme

The full version of Reach for the Stars!

#1: His WorldEdit

As I mentioned earlier, Sonic '06 was admittedly quite horrible because it was rushed. But that doesn't mean that it didn't have any good songs in it, and there's one that stood out to me upon looking back. That song is "His World."

I like to think of this song as my own theme song, but it's really Sonic's. What's more, this song defines Sonic very well in my opinion: he's unstoppable, he puts down evil, and does it with an awesome attitude. Also, I really like the integration of rock and classical music elements that this song prides itself on. It makes the entire thing very exciting to listen to. So much so, in fact, that when I really need to get in the zone, I listen to it, and it works. In short, as bad as Sonic '06 was, the main theme is amazing, and in my eyes, it represents my favorite part of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, which is Sonic himself.

Sonic The Hedgehog Music - His World04:30

Sonic The Hedgehog Music - His World

Here's the straight-up lyrical version of His World as taken from the original game.

Sonic the hedgehog 2006 "Solaris Phase 2" Music05:04

Sonic the hedgehog 2006 "Solaris Phase 2" Music

This is basically the theme for the final battle of Sonic '06, and in essence, it's an instrumental version of His World.

HIS WORLD (Instrumental) - Super Smash Bros02:52

HIS WORLD (Instrumental) - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

This is the first version of His World I ever heard, the one from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Personally, I think a remix of the lyrical version should be made that's based on this theme. It's that great.

Well, that wraps up another Top 10! Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed, and I invite you to share your own opinions on what the best Sonic songs are. Until then, peace, and please check out the rest of The Game Reviews Wiki!

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