Hello, And welcome to the Wizard101 review, By new user (New to this wiki, Not wikia), BlazeTheCat 9! Let's begin.


When i first saw the game i was like "Whaaaaaaat". I then looked at a review of it and it seemed pretty cool, So i got it.Then after i downloaded it, I was like "SWEET MERCIFUL BATMAN OH MY GOD THESE GRAPHICS!!! IT'S NEARLY AS GOOD AS WII U" And i was really amazed. If you've played Final Fantasy, The gameplay is almost exactly like that, Exept if you have allies, They're REAL People. Yes. You heard me. It's an MMORPG. You can also have pets. Another unique thing about this game- Is that you're a wizard. You cast spells. Another thing that makes this like Final Fantasy- Is that you can summon animals... For example, In Final Fantasy, You can summon Chocobo's and stuff. In Wizard101, You can summon different animals, Depending on which Class/Element you choose. I chose Fire, And i can summon this thing called "Fire cat", Which is basically a feline fire thing. Overall, This game is great... 10/10. It's so far my favorite PC Game.

Screenshots (Not taken by me cuz i too lazy :P)Edit


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